Sunday, November 27, 2011

imogene - 9/10/11 - burke drinks the koolaid! part one

Last year I got my first taste of the Imogene Pass Run and I knew that this was one race I would need to do year in and year out. In other words, I had drank the Koolaid and it tasted good! It was an experience that I will need forget and I think that alot of my friends will need forget either because I kept talking about how amazing it was. In the year that passed since its last running I tried to convince alot of those same friends into taking a sip this year but the takers were not making themselves visible..all exceptf for one that is....Burke Painter. Burke, a good friend of Phil and Karen Davis, had spoken with me breifly at Tuesday night track and at other events, such as my first dance at the 2010 Javelina 100. I had always heard great and amazing stories of him and his accomplishments, both in running and in biking so I was glad to discover his interest in the race. As it turns out Burke had actually signed up for the race many times in the past but for one reason or another had been unable to make it to the starting line. This year however Burke had his mind set on making it there and so our little adventure was born!

I had told Burke that in the previous year I had driven up two days before the race so that I could have the day before the race to do a partial walkthru of the course so that I could get an idea for exactly what I had gotten myself into and that I was greatful that I had because it not only helped me out in knowing the course but it also helped me to enjoy the beauty of the amazing country that I would be running in at a much more relaxed pace and take plenty of photos along the WY...something I wouldn't have take to do during the race. Burke and I agreed that this would be the best course of action for our trip as well. And so, on Thursday, september 8 burke and i headed out early in the morning for the start of our journey

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